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Chiropractor Vail AZ Mark McCullough Chiropractic Testimonial

"After only one visit I’m feeling better. I know I’m on the path to healing the root cause of my back issues and correcting my posture. Dr. Mark and Lisa were so friendly and helpful, I’m looking forward to pain-free days I know are coming!"

- Emily L.

"Excellent service Dr. Mark, and Lisa are great people very personable, very professional, and great care!! Never felt better!"

- Andrew W.

"Dr. Mark's an excellent chiropractor and I highly recommend him to anyone with neck or back pain. I've been getting chiropractic care for 30 years and he's one of the best I've ever worked with. Plus he's a master's triathlete so he really understands the aches and pains that come with cycling, running, swimming, and working out in general. We're really fortunate to have him in Vail. Go try a session. You'll be happy you did."

- Donovan G.

"Dr. Mark is an amazing chiropractor and was highly recommended to me and I highly recommend them as well."

- Josh P.

"Followed Dr. Mark from a previous company. So happy that they have this great new location. Very comfortable and inviting. Dr. Mark is a great Chiropractor that cares about his patients and explains why your body is doing what it is doing and how to correct it. Lisa is wonderful, as well, and I can't wait to work with her on furthering my health goals. Looking forward to continued care!"

- Kristen P.

"Dr. Mark is the best Chiropractor that I have been to and the reason I can walk. He helped me recover from herniated and bulging disks. So happy that he has his own place. Superior treatment at a rate that is affordable for everyone."

- Tyler P.

"Efficient and effective and personable and clean and best chiropractic appointments I have ever had - head to toe! Highly recommend!!!"

- Lori J.

"Dr. Mark is the best and his lovely wife is very sweet. So glad they have opened this practice and my wife and I can come and see them on a regular basis. Really nice office. Could not ask for better care."

- Kevin W.

"Friendly and welcoming, walked away feeling relaxed and ready for the day."

- Gerry B.

"I have been getting Chiropractic Care for well over 35 years. I've gotten adjusted in 5 different countries and 23 States. In all the years I've been getting care, I must confess that Dr. Mark and Lisa are now the best Chiro Team in Vail/Tucson.

The end result is that my vision, posture, step, and balance were finally like they should be. I found some much-needed relief, just finding a great Chiropractic team in Vail/Tucson. Truthfully, I would've driven further, if I knew that I was going to get the relief I got."

- J.T.

"If you are looking for a chiropractor who is knowledgeable and very well experienced then you should see Dr. Mark. Truly a great chiropractor!"

- M.S.


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